Webtransceiver not Connecting

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Webtransceiver not Connecting

Postby HB9FHE » Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:07 am


I'm trying to set-up my first Node (and apparently the only one in switzerland?) but run into some issues.

The installation is fine, the node shows up in the allstarlink network (node 28763) and the web transceiver is opening up, but not connecting.

I've read to NAT UDP Port 4569 to the ACID PC and that was done... Unfortunately it seems i'm missing something. I went thru all the possible forums, allstarlink.org KB, ACID admin guide, searched for tutorials.... but couldn't find the root cause. Looking up on the box with asterisk -r doesn't give me much infos (basically none)

I wonder: should i look into NAT issues? IP issues? Or is something related to rights set somewhere to allow the web transceiver?

Thanks a lot!


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