newbie needs help with XIPAR and Linux please

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newbie needs help with XIPAR and Linux please

Postby k3td » Wed Oct 30, 2013 4:37 pm

I'm a very new user who needs some help with Linux and XIPAR please. I purchased a pc with Linux and XIPAR preloaded and configured for my node #29867, which is connected to a Kenwood TK-690H radio on 52.550 MHz simplex. I am able to get my node online and connect to other nodes ok, but have the following issues:
a) I have been told my audio is a bit too hot - how do I reduce it?
b) How do I enable the ID for my node over the local radio?
c) I can connect to other nodes using the *3xxxxx command from my mobile or portable, but when others try to connect to me they cannot and get a 'connection failed' error message

As I mentioned I am VERY new to both XIPAR and Linux, and wonder if someone can tell me how to get started to resolve these issues?

Thanks in advance, and please type S L O W L Y !

Tad Danley, K3TD

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