Suggestion: What can your Allstar node do?

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Suggestion: What can your Allstar node do?

Postby k0kn » Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:53 pm

I suggest a topic called "What can your Allstar node do?"

Several people have written or modified applications, scripts, etc for use with Allstar but some are not widely publicized.

What features does your Allstar node have? For example:

Can you command your nodes via email (or text message?)

Does your node email daily statistics to you (keyups, uptime, etc) ?

Can you set up custom announcements to Echolink stations or Allstar users based on callsign, node number, etc?

Can you deny users based on node number, callsign, etc?

Do you have an ongoing log of connects, disconnects, and other data?

Do you receive a text message (or email) when nodes connect to you?

Can you send DTMF from one node to another without dialing *4?

Do your custom voice IDs rotate hourly, etc?

Can you remotely shut down your transmitter(s) via DTMF, email, text, SIP, etc?


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