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AllStar RTCM ...

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:26 pm
by K5TRY

I wanted to introduce myself to my newly found AS family and share my progress so far, im sure i'll have Q's and answers as this is my first steps into the AS world, as well as the RTCM too.

And as stated "There Are No Stupid Q?'s, Only When You Do Not Ask"

So what better time to share my progress and status ...

PC Specs: older ((ok very old)) COMPAX deskpro was a free throw away save with win98 on it. I added some memory upgraded to winxp for a backup windows box until i learned of AllStar. i then proceeded to convert it over to the 'DARK SIDE'...


Radio Type: cdm motorola

Radio Interface: AllStar RTCM

etho connection: DSL static

So i registered with AS, created a node within my account, setup / configure my rtcm to be my AS node's radio interface device for a basic VoIP connection to the AS network to link to the other nodes. I understand there is a multitude of options as to what, where, when, how i may go about my AS setup.
!thanks JIM Wb6NIL for the help so far... Duuuude!
However being a first timer im a one step at a timer and independently tackling many projects so progress may not be as fast as others ... But i have full intentions of building up and tayloring my AS network to it's fullest needs, as well as the 'voter capable' RTCM too ... So it's a pleasure to be apart by all means to say the least, i hope to learn lots and help lots too ...

Here is the rtcm and the interfacing cables i made ...


Any Q's? or comment please feel free and ill update too ...

*73 from Arkansas

!HELPFUL links->

(use these first links for when the rtcm gets it's connection for the first time, default will be on the voter test server ... log in 2002 via webtranseiver to hear / test your audio ---- same as to when you move your rtcm off the test server and wherever however you use, in my case it is allocated to my server so link to my own server via web transeiver to again hear / test audio in your network / system)
AllStar voter demo page, signal test VERY HELPFUL^^^
AllStar node 2002 online status page^^^
AllStar online nodes^^^
AllStar complete list of nodes
AllStar Link VoIP home page^^^
AllStar ACID download page^^^
Asterisk/app_rpt Project Overview^^^
AllStar Link standard commands^^^
AllStar ACID admin guide^^^


Re: AllStar RTCM ...

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:12 pm
by K5TRY
RTCM interface continued...

My original photo got cut in half for some reason, Ha! So here is a few pix showing more details how i went about the other interface cables ... once you are all set up and operational you wont be required to have the console cable ... being you can log in telnet via LAN, WAN, or even smartphone once you choose an access port for yourself. So if this is similar to your needs i would rec static on everything! Not required by all means, but when you have multiple nodes and devices with abunch of IP's changing often you will get confused. If dynamic is your only option try setting your devices on NAT static behind your router / modem on the LAN side. Wth my nodes, they all get static IP's.

Here's the pix ->



Console Cable:
consist of a mod port adapter DB-15m that terminates to a RJ45 autopatch cat5 (RTCM side), then a 10ft autopatch cat5 cable, then a mod port adapter DB-9f that also terminates to a RJ45 autopatch cat5 (pc side).

Radio Interface Cable consist of a Power Cable and Radio Interface Cable that is made into one:

Power Cable i made from a pc power cord (i have an abundance of pc power cords i selected from) that i cut both ends off. One end i made positive / negative o-connetions to supply power directly from power supply radio is hooked up to. I would rather supply power direct rather than going through the radio or pc but options you have keep that in mind.

Radio Interface Cable i made from a roll of RS-232 with DB-9 connectors on each end. I took the female end and went 3ft in length and cut. I then took a motorola 16 pin rear connector accessory plug wiring kit and color matched the wires i needed to the RS232 wires and coordinated the pin out requirements so to have a single color per wire all the way from the rtcm to radio (this will make for a good structured reference with future projects)

Etho Cable is a 10ft autopatch cat5 cable.

$ in parts:
DB-15m/RJ45 - 2.36
DB-9f/RJ45 - 1.18
powercord - free
moto kit - 5.99
10ft patch cord - 1.75
50ft RS232 DB9m/f - 3.92
misc connectors/shrink - free

Give or take around $15 +shipping was put into making this cable.

Comments,Questions,Advice,Rants ... please do!

Also ill keep this thread updated as my progress goes ...

*73 :mrgreen:

Re: AllStar RTCM ...

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:54 pm
by K5TRY

I'm streaming the audio of ALL my nodes via scanner / software if you'd like to SEE and HEAR. You'll also get local pd, fire, ems, amateur repeaters, ect ...
Go here ^^^ and download the FREE CLIENT VERSION ProScan ...


-Once installed / loaded with the 'blank' scanner display opened on your desktop, click the scanner over IP tab
-Make sure you select 'client' on left side (not server)
-Click update on right side
-Browse the available feeds online

My Feed Discription:

NW Arkansas VoIP / SoIP ...

-Double click feed to upload client connection info on left
-Click start and enjoy


Comments, Q's, Rants all welcome ...

Re: AllStar RTCM ...

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:02 pm
by K5TRY
:mrgreen: ***UPDATE... :mrgreen:

Just got my RTCM #2 online so a few pix of the cable build and method i have been using, this one has slight changes and improvements.


I just got done with a 3rd cable as well for a client to get his rtcm online ...

***And stay tuned lots developing to say the least...



Re: AllStar RTCM ...

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:20 am
by K5TRY
;Here is another 'Console Cable' i made for a stn->





Re: AllStar RTCM ...

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:57 am
by K5TRY
How To RTCM FirmWare Update

Just learned how to get my rtcm's up to spec with the latest firmware (version 1.11)(11/04/2012). I checked mine with the 98 status command, one was version 1.0 and the other was 1.05 ...

Thanks Jim Duuuude!

You need the two files you will find here. The ENC_loader.INI and ENC_loader.exe files. ... /?root=svn

and one of the .cry files from here ... Voter-SMT.cry for the RTCM. ... /?root=svn

The default (hard-coded) IP address for the bootloader firmware is: If this doesn't work for you, you will need to change it in the .INI file.

Download to desktop and Run the ENC_loader.exe and enter the Target ip address of your RTCM and click "set address", click file and select the Voter-SMT.cry file that you downloaded as well.

Telnet to the RTCM or use your 'Console Access' cable you may have built and login to it.

First click the "Capture Target" button in the Encrypted Ethernet Loader Utility.

Next execute the "r" command to reboot the RTCM.

You will see data on the ENC_loader window in regards to the RTCM, click the "Program" button.

Wait till you see the "finished programing file" message.

Then click the "Reset LIA" button.

Give it a minute and then it should be up and running the new firmware.

If the ENC_loader utility does not reveal itself and is running properly, check your screen resolution settings. From a smaller monitor screen the ENC_loader will not be seen ... BUT maximize screen resolution and esc back to normal and bingo ... tricked the windows to reveal the ENC_loader Utility

Thanks Tim wd6AWP for the tips as well!




Re: AllStar RTCM ...

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:57 pm
by K5TRY

*** and another set of console connectors i needed to make / ship to a stn, paid a flat rate $1.51 across the board for each connector today! $10 total cant beat that !!!


Re: AllStar RTCM ...

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:12 pm
by K5TRY


port = 667
password = (WHATEVER)

C12345 = (xxx),transmit,nodeemp

---menu 1 of rtcm----------

1 - Serial # (10xx) (which is MAC ADDR xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)
2 - VOTER Server Address (FQDN) (x)
3 - VOTER Server Port (667), 4 - Local Port (Override) (0)
5 - Client Password (xxx), 6 - Host Password (WHATEVER)
7 - Tx Buffer Length (3000)
8 - GPS Data Protocol (0=NMEA, 1=TSIP) (0)
9 - GPS Serial Polarity (0=Non-Inverted, 1=Inverted) (0)
10 - GPS PPS Polarity (0=Non-Inverted, 1=Inverted, 2=NONE) (2)
11 - GPS Baud Rate (4800)
12 - External CTCSS (0=Ignore, 1=Non-Inverted, 2=Inverted) (2)
13 - COR Type (0=Normal, 1=IGNORE COR, 2=No Receiver) (1)
14 - Debug Level (0)
15 - Alt. VOTER Server Address (FQDN) ()
16 - Alt. VOTER Server Port (Override) (667)
97 - RX Level, 98 - Status, 99 - Save Values to EEPROM
i - IP Parameters menu, o - Offline Mode Parameters menu
q - Disconnect Remote Console Session, r - reboot system, d - diagnostics

---offline menu of rtcm----------

1 - Offline Mode (0=NONE, 1=Simplex, 2=Simplex w/Trigger, 3=Repeater) (0)
2 - CW Speed (6000) (1/8000 secs)
3 - Pre-CW Delay (4000) (1/8000 secs)
4 - Post-CW Delay (4000) (1/8000 secs)
5 - CW "Offline" (ID) String (OFF LINE)
6 - CW "Online" String (OK)
7 - "Offline" (CW ID) Period Time (0) (1/10 secs)
8 - Offline Repeat Hang Time (1) (1/10 secs)
9 - Offline CTCSS Tone (151.4) Hz
10 - Offline CTCSS Level (0-32767) (3000)
11 - Offline De-Emphasis Override (0=NORMAL, 1=OVERRIDE) (0)
12 - Duplex Mode 3 Support (0=DISABLED, 1=ENABLED) (-1)
99 - Save Values to EEPROM
x - Exit OffLine Mode Parameter Menu (back to main menu)
q - Disconnect Remote Console Session, r - reboot system

---status98 menu of rtcm----------

S/W Version: 1.19 07/19/2013 ; Latest that is working for mine (rev:1455) on simplex
IP Address: x
Netmask: x
Gateway: x
Primary DNS: x
Secondary DNS:
VOTER Server IP: x
VOTER Server UDP Port: 667
OUR UDP Port: 667
GPS Lock: 0
Connected: 1
COR: 1
PTT: 0
Current Samples / Sec.: 0
Current Peak Audio Level: 64920
Squelch Noise Gain Value: 0, Diode Cal. Value: 48, SQL pot 554
Current System time: <System Time Not Set>
Last Rx Pkt System time: <System Time Not Set>, diff: -420 msec
Last Rx Pkt Timestamp time: 08/08/2013 20:25:55.003, diff: -1604019324 msec
Last Rx Pkt index: 2040, inbounds: 1