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AllStar MicroStar ...

Postby K5TRY » Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:00 pm

Microstar Thin Client Server

by Micro-Node International
In conjunction with an RTCM Thin Client Module, MicroStar Thin Client Server provides a low cost, painless path to implementing an Allstar Link node. For $15 per month (per RTCM) you are relieved of providing your own computer/server with the associated cost and complexity of configuring your Asterisk/Linux box. The MicroStar Server supports all of the modes of an Allstar node: Simplex node, Repeater, and Voting Multi-Receiver and/or simulcast Transmit system. The MicroStar Server features a web based GUI for management and monitoring. The need for editing numerous text files under a Linux based OS manually is removed. The GUI is accessible from any Web-connected device, anywhere on the Internet. Once your call sign (user ID) is registered (as a SYSOP) with the Allstar Link organization, and your user ID is registered with Micro Node International, bring up the Micro-Star web GUI and register your new RTCM and Allstar Node, and your payment, and once registration is verified, use the GUI to fill in all of the required information for your node.

An additional bonus is the ease in setting up a portable node without having to deal with issues such as Firewalls and port forwarding. Simply plug the RTCM into any Ethernet connection with Internet access and the RTCM will automatically connect to the MicroStar RTCM server.

In operation, the Micro-star GUI web page will show the status of your node and any nodes connected to it. A simple to understand and configure set of buttons is available to make one click connections to other nodes possible, along with simple, effective, and concise control of your radio system.

For more information, or to sign up, please send email to ->

Link to RTCM stuFf ->

AllStar Portal ->



Micro-Star Node PDF
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