Maxtrac 5 Pin radio and 16 Pin Radio

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Maxtrac 5 Pin radio and 16 Pin Radio

Postby wd5mhz » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:17 pm

Hello Group i wanted to let you all know it is possible to use a Maxtrac 5 pin Radio they are cheaper than the 16 pin radios every you need is on the mic plug you will need to open the radio up and the squelch P.O.T open it all the way up ( we found this works better) And you will want to unplug the speaker or put in a switch Also the jumper JU-551 needs to be on B then wire on the R.J 45 Plug to D.B 25

R J To DB-25
4 20 Ground
5 22 Mic Audio
6 1 PTT
8 21 RX Audo

Then go through the Radio Tune in the All Star with The URI and off you go
As you can see its really simple to do and it works great i am running one on 27854
if you need help or questions fell free to email at

Mike Henry

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Re: Maxtrac 5 Pin radio and 16 Pin Radio

Postby w6abj » Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:10 am

also on the Maxtrac 50 with a simple modification you can get the cor line and bring it to the front of the radio and put it on pin one of the microphone.. This is what i did with mine.


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