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Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:57 am
by K0KAD
I have been changing a few things around trying to make it so that spammers get on less and more real users get approved rather quickly now. I check every new user email I get within a couple hours and if I see a real ham callsign I will activate you with limited functionality. After a couple meaningful posts I will remove you from the limited classification and into something more suitable to daily use.

I hope this will bring some more users here!!

If I skipped you in the process for some reason or if you have registered with us prior to having a callsign issued by the FCC you are still welcome but I need to get an email from you. Contact me:

chad {at} tfamily!mail (dot) com

Remember to remove the exclamation point and the rest should be self explanatory :mrgreen: