How To Install Private node on Present Node

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How To Install Private node on Present Node

Postby k4kwq » Wed May 15, 2013 3:09 pm

Does anyone have the walk thru that will enable a private Node on Present Node for Xipar Allstar Box. Please Post How to.
Also i run and host the Ham Radio Teamspea3 server for ham radio use.
look me up on k4kwq, and the information file is on the yellow link on bottom of page. it has all the info how to connect to us on Teamspeak3.

Thanks Tim

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Re: How To Install Private node on Present Node

Postby kb3ors » Wed May 15, 2013 9:33 pm

Been meaning to do this for a while.

move to the /etc/asterisk directory. All files that need to be edited are here.

Using your favorite file editor open the rpt.conf file. Starting at the top of the file you will see the [nodes] stanza portion, or internal phone. You will need to add your node info to this section in the same context as your public node.

EX: 2135 = radio@,NONE
9999 = radio@,NONE

in this example 2135 being the public node and 9999 being a private node.

If you want other nodes that are not co-located on this server to connect to this private node, you will have to add a similar context to the other servers, what we refer to as the Internal phone book.

On the other servers, you would follow the steps above with the exception of the ip address. This would be the ip of the server that 9999 is located on.

EX: 27266 = radio@,NONE
9999 = radio@,NONE

Scroll down the file to the portion that displays the info about your public node number and add the following changing the info to resemble your private node number. And edit the info that is in bold below

rxchannel = dahdi/pseudo
duplex = 2
functions = functions
link_functions = functions-linked-limited
;phone_functions = functions-phone-1
tonezone = us
context = from-internal
callerid = "callsign"<9999>
funcchar = *
endchar = #
;linkunkeyct = ct9

save the file.

Open extensions_rpt_custom.conf

In this file you need to add the extension so that it can be called. If you are not gonna have rf attached to it, it does not need to be added to [radio-secure] as in the example below.


exten => 2135,1,rpt(2135)
exten => 2124,1,rpt(2124)

exten => 2135,1,rpt(2135|X)
exten => 9999,1,rpt(9999|X)
exten => 2124,1,rpt(2124|X)

exten => 2135,1,rpt(2135|Dv)
exten => 9999,1,rpt(9999|D)
exten => 2124,1,rpt(2124|Dv)

Save and restart Amportal.

KB3ORS - Brian

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