Installation Instructions - Step-By-Step

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Installation Instructions - Step-By-Step

Postby kuggie » Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:39 pm

The reference below was recently written by Brian Burton - KB3ORS. It can be used as a guide through the installation process of XIPAR (pronounced zipper).

1. Download the ISO image to your Windows box.
2. Download powerISO or Magic CD, BurnCDCC burning software that will burn the ISO image to a disc.
(Note: Select a slow burning speed best for burning ISO images, and burn the ISO to the CD.
3. Insert the ISO disc into the CD Rom drive of the server and power-up.
(Note: You may have to change the boot device or preference in BIOS.)
4. At the prompt, select 3 for radio over IP.
(The server will have to be connected to Internet during the install. It can get an IP address from a router - DHCP)
5. The ISO image will load. When it is done, a pop-up screen will ask you to remove the disc and hit ENTER to reboot - do it.
6. At this point the net-install will run and write code to the HD, and even reboot a couple more times.
7. When it finishes it will ask you for your:
NODE PASSWD (6 digit # issued by

8. It will then ask you to hit (U) for 'use that info' or (E) for 'edit the info'.
9. If you feel confident the info is correct type U, and hit ENTER.
10. There are 2 more prompts, just answer those appropriately.
11. Once the server has rebooted, at the prompt - login.
USER = root
PW = madminx63
12. Now type passwd This will allow you to change the default password. Enter your new password at each prompt.
(Your root login passwd has now been changed to your preference)
(Note: This is not your node password, but your preference of a login password)
13. Move to a Windows box that is inside your network.
14. Open a browser (Explorer, Firefox, or whatever you might use)
15. Browse to ( would be the internal address of your AllStar box)
16. You have landed on a web GUI. Click on ADMIN tab.
17. Click on the PBX SETUP sub tab.
18. Click the orange button to "Apply Configuration Changes" and continue...
19. Click SYSTEM tab and click reboot.

At this point your server is now running and is attempting to register with the AllStar server. :D

KB3ORS - Brian

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Re: Installation Instructions - Step-By-Step

Postby va3dtf » Fri May 11, 2012 9:50 pm

I have followed this to the letter several times, and it does not look like the node is working.


I am comfy with Linux.

I had my Allstar Echolink nodem working great under Acid, still does, but the hard drive was going so I thought I would give XiPar a shot.

I have gone in and edit the URD file to go with my settings, I have edited the Echolink.conf file as well. to go with my echolink settings.

But it does not look like its registering in either case.

I can't seem to dial any node numbers.

The system is picking up the DTFM as I can see it in the asterisk console, I can send a *81 and it reads back the time on this planet, something Acid never did.

I have gone though all the postings and boards I can find both hear and on the XiPar site but can not find any thing else to try.

Appreciate any help anyone can offer.
craig va3dtf

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Re: Installation Instructions - Step-By-Step

Postby kb3ors » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:44 pm

First thing that comes to mind is did you open the ports on your router to the IP of the allstar box?
If port forwarding is not setup properly, it will not register.
KB3ORS - Brian

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Re: Installation Instructions - Step-By-Step

Postby kuggie » Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:47 pm

DNS is another thing that will keep a node from properly registering. Make sure you put DNS in when setting up the Ethernet port. Running the "SETUP" command from the command line will get you there.

Also, you must log-in to the box and press the orange button. To do this, you must browse to the boxes IP address and click on the ADMIN tab then choose PBX Setup. Click the Orange button to accept the changes and reboot the box.

Kevin - WJ8G

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Re: Installation Instructions - Step-By-Step

Postby va3dtf » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:02 pm

So I have tried it again, and again, There is no Orange button to apply configuration. the Node is registered.

And yes all the correct ports are open as before no problems under ACID.

under the asterisk -r console I can see the radio receiving tones when I key them in with my handheld. But I get no response *81 for time. or dialing a node.

I suggest adding the default usernames and passwords to this document for the Web Control Panels.
craig va3dtf

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