Streaming/recording, plus morse ID parameters

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Streaming/recording, plus morse ID parameters

Postby KB5ELV » Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:37 am


Looking at changing back to xipar, or at least, xipar's asterisk distro (I don't have a need or want for freepbx/webmin, but want some of the other stuff. Like audio ducking. And the better audio. There are two things that are keeping me on Acid at the moment. Well, three perhaps. One is not the Allstar auto patch, I figure I can get that whipped into shape, and I don't care much about the web transceiver. I also hope I can get the Echolink channel driver to compile, I couldn't last time I gave 1.4.44 a go, but it was still beta then.

1) Biggest: I need to stream to radioreference/broadcastify and record repeater traffic. I have the .xml file for ezstream, and have that currently working with acid. Is the procedure to set up recording in rpt.conf the same, or do I need to do some other thing to make streaming work? Ditto recording. I'm told that KB3ORS is the goto guy on this.

2) Again, last time I tried this, the morse ID parameters seem to be fixed. The pitch is a bit lower than I prefer, nit picky I know. In the current acid version, morse and ID parameters are set separately, i.e. one can have morse characters, say as courtesy tones or status indicators, at one level and pitch, while ID's are at another, defined in the morse section of rpt.conf. Does this not apply in xipar, or did I just do something wrong last time?

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Re: Streaming/recording, plus morse ID parameters

Postby N7JCT » Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:19 am

I'm curious how this has worked out for you and how you went about it. I am also looking for the same things and thinking XIPAR has them but have had the worst time with FreePBX and that's what's kept me from running "stock" XIPAR.

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Re: Streaming/recording, plus morse ID parameters

Postby kb3ors » Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:02 pm

Hi Buddy,

I was not able to get ezstream running on XIPAR. I had to use one of my ACID boxes feeding the stream from a private node. When I used the main node, It stold the transmit audio and sent it to Broadcastify.

I have never had a reason to adjust morse or ID pitch. Never played with it.

Ignore pbx. It does not control the node the way you think. I do everything from the command line. Its only for editing files.

Recording is done the same way.
KB3ORS - Brian

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